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really well made game you did a good job congrats

Not sure why but I couldn't get past turning the tech on big RIP, was probably me being dum xD

im scared

Actualy scary :D

Isn't it too dark, brothers?

Can't download cause it's on an incompatable thrid party website???

Install it from Web.

Great Game! It was amazing how suspenseful it was, and how it really built you up for the finaly. I made a video on it aswell, would highly recommend!

This game really scared me which I was not expecting!

Probably my own fault but I did NOT know I had a flashlight....anyway great game!

I didn’t until I started smacking my mouse around on one of the last nights! 

I’m glad I’m not the only one haha

A nice little horror game that builds up the creep factor gradually , there is good use of sounds and disturbing ambience throughout.

 The game aesthetics are nicely polished and there is a real sense of detail taken into account when it comes to the apartment decor.

 Overall this game is a good spine tingling experience with a girl you may recognise from a particular movie, this game is definitely worth a try.

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Great game!


nvm sorry for being impatient

how long does it take to download because im still waiting ?

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Hey :) nicely done! Your game got my interest and made a small playthough of it :)

Hey we just recently played your game on our channel, we had a blast playing it and it had some great spooky moments!

Feel free to check out our playthrough at any time!

Continue the awesome work, we look forward to playing more games from you.

i love it mate

check my simple game too please

i would really appreciate :)

Well have to say one of the creepiest games ive played in a while.  Made a vid.

Have to say the experience i got around day 2 / 3 was brilliant, was starting to panic a bit and the sound effects were perfect! Nice piece of work for a game developed in a few days and great graphics Looking forward to trying out Frequency Project which brought me here! 

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For something that was created within 3-4 days this is great achievement! There's a palpable sense of foreboding terror that ratchets up each passing day. 

Pros: General unease for the player each day, slow burn terror that's hard to accomplish these days.

I like it in these types of games where pretty much every object has a description - just immerses the player into the world

When the 'Samara' girl shows up there can be opportunities for jump scares!

Cons: Feel that the character walks too slow.

Some of the 'quests' are a little derivative - such as turning off all the lights, etc.

Ending was a little anticlimatic. Would have loved a bit more story to find out about the girl and why the main character was staying at the house.

Overall - great short horror experience. Will follow what you do next!

Watch my playthrough here:  

This was great, they nailed the audio. I was terrified <3

But why is there a scary girl looking downward and scaring you?

Watch the linger gameplay for fun

The game was pretty was straight slight work

Atmosphere was great. As each day passed my heartbeat got faster. My palms were also very sweaty throughout. I bricked It when I first encountered her. I'll leave my gameplay below. Feel free to check it out:


hi, im brazilian and liked so much this game
 the graphics and the jogability are very amazing, i played this in my channel on youtube

included it in my 3 Best atmospheric games it really was good

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i thoroughly enjoyed the game and had fun with it, so much so that i did a let's play video

Looks S P O O K Y



Very S P O O K Y

I do not want to play.


Is it like Slendrina or Granny?

Pretty good game! Would definitely like to have a menu screen or some semblance of story. Please consider watching my video here and dropping a like!

hahahaha literally playing this for a three scary games video (idea totally not stolen by Markiplier) 

straight heat...more day past the more i got scared love everything about it💀🔥

fun game i am a very big baby when it  comes to horror games so i decided to play this game to try because it seemed very creepy and it is! i finished it and one thing i might add is change the way the girl walks because i was so scared when i opened the door and saw here getting out of the tv but when i hid in the closet and saw her walking towards me i couldn't help but laugh ;) but other than that great game

FIRE FIRE FIRE jumpscares could do better but ATMOSPHERE FIRE 

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Good game! girl needs to be creepier ;)

Just awesome !


This is a very effected and well-done horror game. Not a lot of horror games these days gives me the feeling of "fear," but this one did it! Great job! If interested, I hope you check out my play through sometime :D

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