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Very good adaptation of a classic horror element, it was unsettling and creepy pretty much the entire time. I think I found a bug though, as I was adjusting the settings the lights within the apartment sort of dimmed and I'm not sure why, basically it was quite dark for most of the playthrough I did. Besides that, great job developer!

Survive in a haunted apartment

Wow, Awsome game with beautiful graphics and scary atmosphere!

Good Job

A classic! Very fun and atmospheric! Kept me on my toes and uploaded it to my channel! Highly recommended game!

Hey friends! I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed the game! 

Gameplay of the game in Spanish | Gameplay del juego en español


great atmosphere ghost was spooky and very realistic. great work

I'm Brazilian and I made a video playing this game

Nice graphics, a some very good scares. Liked it a lot!

love the game man keep up the good work 

very good horror, the ghost was sexy as hell. 

played this as part of a 3 scary games with my girlfriend, very atmospheric! 

Thoroughly enjoyed the game! The setting and eeriness of the apartment were very well done. Hoping to see this as a full game release at some point! 

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i love how scary the darkness in this game is

Wonderfull game!! jogo maravilhoso!!!

Gameplay gravada em português Click Here:

I enjoyed this game very much. There were many times during the game that had me on edge. Great job on this game considering it was made in 4 days :)

I liked this! It had me tensed up for the majority of the game. Except I thought the ending looked kinda funny haha. Thanks for the game though :)

A great game,very scary. Really enjoyed.Congratulations for the work

It's so creepy!!! Thank you for the experience! <3

Very well done and not to short or not to long!

Muy buen juego con buenos gráficos, gran audio y ambiente aterrador. Vencerlo es un reto.

Gracias dev!


its not pacify its just the model from unreal engine market. Pacify just uses the same model...

yes, i know


Very creepy! 

Hmm, was a little too confusing for me. I didn't get past night 1 trying to figure out what to do to trigger night 2. Checked all the rooms and gave up.


i like thes game lmao

I decided to play this while there is a real blizzard outside. It was scarier than I was expecting!

Almost d

Almost couldn't get through this one it was sooo spooky

very spoopy very scary 

Gameplay en español

i am shocked i made it through this game. sooooo creepy. 

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I was pretty much immediately creeped out. Lol 

I had to download it on google drive? that not creepy at all 

i can't play it, when i start it it gives me an error:

"The procedure entry point CreateDXGIFactory22 could not be located in the dynamic link library dxgi.dll"

please help :/

The environment was beatiful the gamplay and story rather simple, but still engaging. I liked the game, would love if you created more in the future.

This is something of my nightmares, game was very well made and very scary. I couldn't help but think of The Ring or Grudge while playing this.

This game was incredible, beautiful, well done, and most importantly.. CREEPY! Very good job on the game! Can't wait to see more from you guys! Played as part of Halloween Horror Week, check out the playthrough below!

this game was truly scary, i sharded at least 6 times

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