A downloadable game for Windows

A massive snowstorm  has trapped you in an apartment during a vacation, someone or something is giving you instructions in a notebook, every passing day gets weirder.

This game was built in 3-4 days for the Unreal Spring Jam.

Short game for those who love psychological horror. Let me know how the experience was for you!


WASD - Move

Left Mouse Button | Gamepad A Button - Interact

RightMouse Button | Gamepad X Button - Flashlight

Escape | Gamepad Start Button - Options menu

If you are lost, there's a red notebook on-top of the bedroom drawer that gives you instructions.

Install instructions

1. Extrar game folder from .RAR file

2. Run Snow.exe


Linger 1.0.3

Development log


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Just awesome !

This is a very effected and well-done horror game. Not a lot of horror games these days gives me the feeling of "fear," but this one did it! Great job! If interested, I hope you check out my play through sometime :D

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It was a very fun game and had me scared the whole time! 

The atmosphere and sounds that were happening really made me nervous.

The graphics of it definitely helped and made the game seem very realistic.

The jump scares could have been a bit better and more jumpy because they felt to relaxed whenever they happened.

But it was a very nice play and I was very spooked!

Here is my video of me playing, have fun!

You have done an excellent job at building the scary atmosphere and tension as the days go on! I started this game thinking oh this won't be so bad......oh i was so wrong! The built up tension made it so hard for me to play cause i'm such a baby and can't deal with it :')! great job!

Very cool little game!

Whilst a bit unclear at first, not knowing I had to read the notebook every day to progress,I love how the game build up the tension.

Every day that passed felt more dreadful, as if something was 'lingering' around, just waiting for you..

I also loved the obvious inspiration from The Ring you used here! Never really seen it put to good use, whilst it is such a classic in the horror genre!

For a game made made in such short time, I think you did a great job! Looking forward to what you can do when given any time!

I also made a video playing the game, hope you'll enjoy!


small scares hit me, to the funal I could complete it, congratulations

As a newcomer to horror games, this is probably the scariest game I've played so far. I'm immensely impressed that you were able to make this in only a few days! Keep up the awesome work. 

Currently my favorite horror game. Great job!, hopefully i get see another game from ya in the future.


This game is awesome !! 

(Gameplay Español)

The level of detail this game offers is insane! it was a strongly built good game. It gave me the scare vibe without any jump scares. It did remind me of The Ring or The Grudge but That's actually good because I haven't seen similar games.

I loved the graphics and the atmosphere of the game! It's a really polished game and I enjoyed playing it. Unfortunately, I couldn't get passed day 6.

SKIP TO 7:45!!!

It was pretty good the tv was a really cool momemt

Merci d'avoir créé une si belle expérience d'horreur. Marcher à travers la maison chaque jour a provoqué un si grand sentiment d'effroi et de peur et cela m'a fait deviner chaque étape du chemin!

Thank you for crafting such a great horror experience. Walking through the house each day brought about such a great sense of dread and fear and it kept me guessing each step of the way!

i would play but i dont know how to download it.

i tried to open the snow thing and everytime i opened it it said it crashed and it exits out. is there something im missing..

I felt like this game was very basic nothing too out there and crazy but it did get me a few times. I really enjoyed playing it.

What I want to say, more than anything, is that you did a great job by not making a big deal out of the ghost. No big musical sting, no jumpscare noise... she's just a fact, and she doesn't just go away after she appears. Most games scare you, you run away, and then you're safe for a while. Not here. Once she's out, you're stuck with her. Pretty amazing that it was made in such a short time, too!

Game was good.


It looks so amazing. While I record here's my last video.

Great game, that has taken a lot of inspiration of the Ring movies.

I have to be honest, this wasn't really my cup of tea

I liked this game. Here is my gameplay. 

This game is really awesome. A lot of suspense is going to let you sweat haha, in case that here are any Germans... :D

This game succeeded at atmosphere building and was thoroughly creepy, which is what I was looking for. I played the newer version on Gamejolt and didn't run into any serious bugs, but the reflections seemed a bit off in mirrors.

I HATED WHEN SHE CRAWLED AT ME! Lol love the game it was so good! Feel free to check out my full review, keep making games! I'm exited for more. 

This game was creepy all the way through. Great work!

A lot of tension at the end and a lot of fun haha, small scares XD

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Okay so this game had me with the chills the entire way through. Definitely got me with a few scares. Terrifying atmosphere and that lady....dear god.

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