A downloadable game for Windows

A massive snowstorm  has trapped you in an apartment during a vacation, someone or something is giving you instructions in a notebook, every passing day gets weirder.

This game was built in 3-4 days for the Unreal Spring Jam.

Short game for those who love psychological horror. Let me know how the experience was for you!


WASD - Move

Left Mouse Button | Gamepad A Button - Interact

RightMouse Button | Gamepad X Button - Flashlight

Escape | Gamepad Start Button - Options menu

If you are lost, there's a red notebook on-top of the bedroom drawer that gives you instructions.

Install instructions

1. Extrar game folder from .RAR file

2. Run Snow.exe


Linger 1.0.3

Development log

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You can't walk around too much at home

Super super creepy! Loved every second of it! 


Really good, I loved it!

Looks like a good game, and I will try it tomorrow... Not seems a good idea to play with this when alone in the house at night....

I liked the game! Congratulations! Do you intend to update? I found the ending a little rushed. BR

Great Game!

i need help please, when i start the game an error shows up:

"The procedure entry point CreateDXGIFactory2 could not be located in the dynamic link dibrary dxgi.dll"

how can i fix it and play the game?

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The visuals are amazing and the house was creepy despite being fancy. But I think I succeeded in getting that girl under control.

i thoroughly enjoyed the game and had fun with it

let's go 


Scariest Game ive played ina  long time! Great Job! 

linger game play رعب

i have a fear when i feel like someone is watching me, my friend suggest me this game and bloody hell it took me 3 HOURS BECUASE I WAS SCARED LIKE SHITTING MY PANTS but overall it was fucking great keep it up

check out the latest Linger co-op version :) 

Scariest game of hide and seek

daaaaaaaaaaaayum this was sweaty AF, creepiest psychological horror game

One of the first games I played on the website, and it's still one of my favourites. Terrifying.

Super well done! The build up is incredible as well as the atmosphere! Highly recommend 

I thought this game was super creepy. I liked how the creepiness slowely builed up, by her coming closer everday.I think you did a good job! (: 


awww u sounds really cute when u get jump scared lol


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If its not able to download i found another sight that has the same URL but downloaded from a diff sight. ----> https://linger.en.uptodown.com/windows/download

vidéo sur le jeu d'un français qui a peur

… (un peu)

It's very immersive. The directing is good, too
But it doesn't click well.

Fantastic game! I loved the experience. I was totally immersed in the creepy atmosphere. Character design was great, graphics were sharp and on point! loved it! You can check out my horrific experience in the video below :D If you like the video then please consider subscribing for future content!

I liked the game's graphics and immersion. I'm Brazilian and I'm loving bringing this content to our gaming community. If you want subscribe to my channel. My videos are still in Portuguese but in the future I will start to bring content in English too


Nice game.  Lovely graphics and starts to get scary and tense as the days go by.  I love the enemy too.  I appreciate how she slowly comes for you then vanishes to respawn later.  Give you time to play your moves.  

I look forward to seeing more of your games.  Again the fact you can make this in 3-4 days blows my mind.  Well done :)  

It`s scary game.

Thanks developer, this is amazing game.


The game was so good, I really love how well the creepiness escalates. Even if the player can see it coming, the way she slowly gets closer on the screen each night was really well done, and the way the host was used made the game fun.

Really became a challenge gluing my vision to the walls to not look at the ghost. Also loved the end, made a real difference having such a creepy moment than just dying.

great game, the graphics were on point and the gameplay was terrifying

A very nice and atmospheric Horror Game. Seems like it's inspired by classics like "The Ring". When the hunt begins it gave me goosebumps. Not conviced yet? Take a look at the gameplay yourself if you want:

My chat loved this game. Skip to 36:48 for this gameplay.

First of all the game looked great. Secondly it had such a great atmosphere which made it both creepy and scary at the same time.

Very cool game with increasing creepy element with sounds that shouldn't be there and the house starting to act on it's own. Thank you for making this! 

Oh, Linger. You scared the shit out of us.


Super jeu

Indonesian YouTubers Who Play This Game ACI GameSpot And Windah Basudara

Hammer Spiel und mega atmosphäre!
Ich hoffe da kommt noch mehr von dem Entwickler!

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