A downloadable game for Windows

A massive snowstorm  has trapped you in an apartment during a vacation, someone or something is giving you instructions in a notebook, every passing day gets weirder.

This game was built in 3-4 days for the Unreal Spring Jam.

Short game for those who love psychological horror. Let me know how the experience was for you!


WASD - Move

Left Mouse Button | Gamepad A Button - Interact

RightMouse Button | Gamepad X Button - Flashlight

Escape | Gamepad Start Button - Options menu

If you are lost, there's a red notebook on-top of the bedroom drawer that gives you instructions.


Linger 1.0.3

Install instructions

1. Extrar game folder from .RAR file

2. Run Snow.exe

Development log

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I decided to play this while there is a real blizzard outside. It was scarier than I was expecting!

Almost d

Almost couldn't get through this one it was sooo spooky

very spoopy very scary 

Gameplay en español

i am shocked i made it through this game. sooooo creepy. 

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I was pretty much immediately creeped out. Lol 

I had to download it on google drive? that not creepy at all 

i can't play it, when i start it it gives me an error:

"The procedure entry point CreateDXGIFactory22 could not be located in the dynamic link library dxgi.dll"

please help :/

The environment was beatiful the gamplay and story rather simple, but still engaging. I liked the game, would love if you created more in the future.

This is something of my nightmares, game was very well made and very scary. I couldn't help but think of The Ring or Grudge while playing this.

This game was incredible, beautiful, well done, and most importantly.. CREEPY! Very good job on the game! Can't wait to see more from you guys! Played as part of Halloween Horror Week, check out the playthrough below!

this game was truly scary, i sharded at least 6 times

I love this time of game! hope developer creates more of this with more jump scares ofc lol

If the Ring movie franchise was a game... This is it! Awesome game, shaved some years off my life.

Awesome Horror game, big ups!

It was brilliant to experience the horror of this game. absolutely TERRIFYING!

We scare the shit out of us! We love every second of it. It was like living in a movie.


Lo que nos asustamos! Nos encantó! Fue como vivir adentro de una película.

You can't walk around too much at home

Super super creepy! Loved every second of it! 


Really good, I loved it!

Looks like a good game, and I will try it tomorrow... Not seems a good idea to play with this when alone in the house at night....

I liked the game! Congratulations! Do you intend to update? I found the ending a little rushed. BR

Great Game!

i need help please, when i start the game an error shows up:

"The procedure entry point CreateDXGIFactory2 could not be located in the dynamic link dibrary dxgi.dll"

how can i fix it and play the game?

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The visuals are amazing and the house was creepy despite being fancy. But I think I succeeded in getting that girl under control.

i thoroughly enjoyed the game and had fun with it

let's go 


Scariest Game ive played ina  long time! Great Job! 

linger game play رعب

i have a fear when i feel like someone is watching me, my friend suggest me this game and bloody hell it took me 3 HOURS BECUASE I WAS SCARED LIKE SHITTING MY PANTS but overall it was fucking great keep it up

check out the latest Linger co-op version :) 

biocide I can't download the game would you mind letting me be able to play on browser for it so I can try it

Scariest game of hide and seek

daaaaaaaaaaaayum this was sweaty AF, creepiest psychological horror game

One of the first games I played on the website, and it's still one of my favourites. Terrifying.

Super well done! The build up is incredible as well as the atmosphere! Highly recommend 

I thought this game was super creepy. I liked how the creepiness slowely builed up, by her coming closer everday.I think you did a good job! (: 


awww u sounds really cute when u get jump scared lol



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If its not able to download i found another sight that has the same URL but downloaded from a diff sight. ----> https://linger.en.uptodown.com/windows/download

vidéo sur le jeu d'un français qui a peur

… (un peu)
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