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This is a slow burn which you really need to play to feel the effects of... but I'm going to post my video anyway! Critique/review ~ 29:39; asmr~ 15:11 

ive no words for this game..

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This game was absolutely amazing and I recommend anyone willing to check it out to give it a shot! I played through the entire game on my channel so if you wanna check it out here it is.

Fantastic horror experience, enjoyed it a lot. Good atmosphere, nice setting, was hoping for a couple jumpscares but great regardless.

this was a great experience. I missed the message about the gamejolt one but over all the build up was good!

i had a blast playing, the house design :O looks incredible the quality looks amazing.i wanna live in there. the game is easy to get into. though i feel its slow in the beginning to immerse to but quickly picks it up after the second day. a small suggestion maybe have us use "E" to open or just click anywhere on the door to open it instead of having to click directly on the doorknob to open it. overall i had a blast playing the game it was really fun a really scary.

i know it is not right to comment right before trying the game out but MAN! this game looks so good, so atmospheric and so realistic. im hyped to give this a go!

this game has such good atmosphere and so much potential..  My only issue is the girl is a little anticlimactic, she's creepy but the slow walk doesn't do much,  speed her up or even throw in a jumpscare.. I did did really enjoy the game though. 

Dude, I haven't played a horror style game in a long time and that was crazy! I loved it! Awesome game!

I had quite a lot of fun with this game, it confused me a bit but after like Day 4 I was getting pretty creeped out! then Day 6 came and I shat my pants haha!

Great game, definitely recommend! 

I played this game in my latest episode of 'Quick Scares' on my Youtube Channel!

Check it out!

5 stars! Very easy on the eyes as far as graphics go and a great slow-burner as far as horror goes. The "trapped in a snowstorm" aesthetic really worked for this game as well.  It added to the idea of being completely and udderly trapped. As well, the ending where the entity was up close made me feel claustrophobic in a good way, and further added to the amazing craftsmanship of the piece. Mechanics were easy to manipulate and clearly there was real effort put into this! By far the best free horror game I've played so far on itch.

I really enjoyed this game, the spooky environment build was great, good job! although there was some few FPS issues but overall great game, definitely recommend it

I liked it. Good use of creepy sounds and nice atmosphere. I played the gamejolt version since you stated it was more up to date: 

Fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)

I don't know, man. I really tried to hang with it but it was so slow moving. Or maybe I'm just bad at this game. I did kinda wander around aimlessly a little bit, which is my fault. But I had to give up when it left me stumbling around in the dark. Sorry, just being honest.

You have a flashlight with right click, read description :P.


The number of people I watch on Twitch and/or YouTube who either don't read anything or read and immediately forget and also don't pay attention to dialog and then later wonder why they don't know what's going on is disturbingly high.

I do read the descriptions before playing but I play so many games and forget stuff throughout the night. And it's not like I'm gonna guess right click for the flashlight. It's always F in horror games. I can't reference the game page while playing.

takes spoon *eats* noice

Really amazing game, the atmosphere and lighting is really well done. It had a feel to it and I did get jumpscared a couple of times, definitely worth it. Great work too. 

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lol I thought I recognised it XD

That was a really really cool experience! 
I absolutely loved how good the atmosphere was. And I think that was the point of that game, the atmosphere. 
Also the environment looks amazing! The graphics are great for such a short game. The sounds were really really good, especially those coming from the TV/Radio and so on. 
I loved the part where she would "chase" you and just appear behind you randomly walking really slowly. It was the part where you had to collect eyes (day 5 or 6 I think).
Also I was expecting a really rough jumpscare but because there was no jumpscare, the atmosphere was even better (cause you expect it the whole time).
Thank you for this horror game!

well see i have a problem

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Not many games have freaked me out like this one, excellent work! (give my elaborate opinion at the end of the video) i apologize for having way too much coffee before this recording XD

OH MY GOSH! That was acutally really scary! Amazing game! Good job

this is one of the scariest games I’ve played in a long time I loved it! Please check out my play through below :) 

Ever seen a man scream and shout for thirty minutes? The Ringu-esque quality of this hit like a brick in the face:

This game is badass, starts with a slight slow burn, to get you familiar with the environment whilst also increasing the creep factor over time. Once the scares begin, it keeps adding pressure. The only thing I don't like, and this could be because I got the buggy version, is that there is no reprecussions for encountering the monster. Otherwise 10/10

Yeah the version has broken TV screens and the ghost girl has wonky collisions :(

Aaah, that makes sense now, all good, it was still a super enjoyable experience!!! Hope you make more games man!

Thanks! This was just a small venture I did to take a break from my main project, which is a cyberpunk MMO.

I'll likely comeback to this and build a proper version, or make another small horror game in a few months :D.

Well you scared the HELL out of me with this one... I haven't been this scared by a game in a very long time. Super great job man

I loved this game, especially the end! Very Scary 😫

This game was great hope to see more soon, take a look at my gameplay, and thanks you :)

Game was unexpected. Id say one of the best I've ever played. 

good game great job on doing this game

This is actually one of the most terrifying indie horror games I've played so far!
Really good job, definitely hope to see more of your games in the future!

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You said at Day Three Day tree Dont Belive me But on subtitles on Press c                                  and I subscribed to you subscribe to ME!!  


Loved this game.

Hope you make more.

This game was great.

Had me jumping out of my seat

I felt I may have been a bit critical after reading it was made in less than a week but yeah.


So yeah the graphics and atmosphere are done very well! I really enjoyed it and it literally had me sweating in fear of what might happen next. They only real complaint I have is the actual scares itself. It just felt like she moved too slow and when she did finally grab you nothing really happened and, for me, it completely killed the whole mood that the rest of the game set up. Again, other than that I really enjoyed it! Also, again, for something done in less that a week it's really good even with the issue I stated earlier! :)

Its meant to be a slow creeping horror game where instead of jumping out of your seat, it just keeps you in the tension of a jump scare waiting to happen, you also played the bugged version in, should've read the description and downloaded the one from gamejolt which fixes the white TVs and other misc issues.

The game was done in 3 to 4 days as well, which means a lot of content was cut out in order to meet the gamejam deadline.

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Oh no for sure I'm not saying this game is horrible and I realize I did come off strong and I do apologize and did apologize for that. I had no real issues with bugs or anything I just didn't feel the gotcha factor at the end when you actually get caught was really there. Though again, it was my fault for not reading the description. I realize now it was made in a short time which does excuse the issue I had but if you were to continue building on it from here i would just recommend adding more spooks for the actual girl but you're of course in every right to not listen to me and do whatever you want. It is YOUR game and I'm just a random dude on the internet lol. I really do apologize if my reactions came off wrong. And again everything else I thought was great. The graphics and atmosphere were really good!

No worries, just wanted to clear some stuff up, not coming from an aggressive stance as well, I do appreciate the feedback and also for playing the game :D

Fair enough. :P But yeah good work! I'll have to keep an eye out if you make more!

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I'm going to be honest, this probably one of the best indie horror game I played yet, the graphics is really good for a indie horror game and the atmosphere is good too.

here's my gameplay

This game was terrifying from beginning to end and the textures and graphics look awesome! Great job

This is legitimately terrifying...

This game was short sweet and to the point.If you want a quick creepy fest this is a good place to start!

The game has an interesting feel to it and plays with it the entire time. I kinda wish how the objective should be a bit more easier to understand. But otherwise, it's a decent walking sim horror game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Loved it! Very well put together and legitimately scary. Looking forward to more games from you.

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