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It’s going to scare you...

This looks great! I don't think I could play it by myself! Haha!

I really enjoyed this game, great idea, really scary if you want see gameplay from my POV take a link

I loved it! Very nice visuals + no random stupid jumpscares - everything is just in the right place and time. Also very nice job with building tension! By the day 5 I was feeling so uncomfortable and scared! Wanna see more from you! 

I can not download it because it say that a third party site is using it can someone help me???

SOS i really want to play it!!!

Adblock? This sounds weird, so actually i have no Idea, maybe download over an other Medium

says directx runtime is needed?

Can it be, Direct is well the 3D Manager, withour them goes nothing in 3D

You can download then over Google, or the official Microsoft Page

Diect X is important for many of Apps

Nice Game. Nice House. Not So Nice Girl. Hope you guys enjoy the gameplay, edits and commentary! Subscribe If you enjoy!

She is cute

Liked the game a lot, check out my video on it if you would like to.

Thanks a lot.

Encerrados en un departamento con una mujer bastante creepy

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Great game, needs more nudity. Just kidding, perfect amount of nudity. Check out the video!!!

Played this some time ago, really enjoyed it.

Thank you for making it!

If I understand correctly this game is inspired by The Shining/Ringu/The Grudge ? (Might just be my imagination :p)

The developer seems like someone who has goals and knows how to achieve them... I think for a one-man project, it's pretty good. If this was on Steam , I would have bought it.

+ The game works.

+ Runs smoothly.

+ Interesting enough to complete.

+ I love the ghost (:

+ I love the idea with the diary.

The only negative thing I see about the game is that there is no story. I understand that it's probably hard to squeeze a well-developed story into a 20 min game... But the game appears to be devoid of any context.

- How and why did I get get to this place ? 

- Who is the ghost ? 

- What does she want  ?

- Why is she tormenting the player ?

These are just some of the unanswered questions that I was left with after completing the game. You already have a really interesting idea of being trapped by a snow storm , getting instructions from a diary... That's a HUGE potential for a good horror story you can tap from. 

Played it, not sure I really understand what's going on

i pissed and shit myself playing this stupid game, i hate you developers for making the best free horror game so far.

I had a lotta fun playing this little creepy game, check out my hilarious video!

and subscribe!

Really enjoyed this one! Really looking forward to more! :D
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Played it Some time ago.This Game Scared The HELL OUT OF ME. Thats all i got to say. Good Game developer 

Ill Appreciate Any Type Of Support. Subscribe If You Choose To. Thank You For Your Time. 

That was amazing, I had a hard time getting past day 6. The ending was a bit lackluster, but it's easily 8.5/10 stuff.

Really great atmosphere! Enjoyed playing this one! Well done!  

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Obvious pre-play, you people are fucking pathetic.No wonder you have 25 views.

Deleted 343 days ago

Damn lmao


"This title is hosted on an incompatible third-party website"

What do I do?


setting its cool

Hey BioXide, we had a ton of fun with this one. What you accomplished in a few days is impressive! We'd love to see that enemy more fleshed out in another game.

Here's our video if you'd like to watch.

Thanks for the experience!

That was awesome, nice play though lads.

Hey thanks, we appreciate the view and the kind words.

It Will Keep You On Your Toes 10\10 Great Work!!


"The procedure entry point CreateDXGIFactory2 could not be located in the dynamic link library dxgi.dll."

How to fix this? I can't run the game.

How to fix this? same problem

yeahhhh this is awful in all of the good ways and none of the bad ways lol awesomely TERRIFYING. Great job bioxide!

Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (likes and subs are highly appreciated)):


1. The game was so scary! The pacing was good and the ambiance was srong. I was afraid what's going to happen at the beginning of every night (except, maybe, the first night). Very well done!

2. The girl is very creepy. I think it's a very good character model. It reminded me a lot of Pacify, though. Still, she was very naturally animated and was very creepy. Sometimes if monsters are a bit funky then the game ceases to be scary. Well, this is not the case.

3. I loved how well-thought the nights are. Firstly, the player has to get acquinted with the place which helps out immensly during the following nights. I think, that's a very smart game design. Great job! 


1. Though, being familiar with the place helped a lot, during some chapters it was still too dark. I wish it would be a tiniest bit brighter so at least the player would be able to know whether they are looking up or down. Once the player gets lost, it feels almost impossible to find the way back or to other rooms.

2. The notes are weird. Somehow the player can read them in pitch black AND how come it doesn't bother the main character that each day the notes appear to be different. So, someone comes at night, stared at the sleeping main character and leaves a creepy note. I think I would be bothered a bit if I were the main character.

3. I wish there were more endings. For example, one where the girl wins and one where the main character manages to destroy her. Maybe to reach good ending, the player would have to find additional notes and complete additional tasks each night or something like that. Anyway, that would add replayability to the game and would generally be awesome.


That was just great! I was scared and amazed as I didn't expect the game to be as scary. Thank you so much for developing this masterpiece and reading my comment) I rate the game 5/5.

Hope my feedback was useful!


right click for flashlight :)

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OMG that would be so helpful, I don't know how I missed that ahah

Well, now we know that people can miss that detail so it could be highlighted a bit more)

This game did an excellent job of ramping up the tension. Each day I was wondering what fresh hell I was going to experience, and I was never disappointed. The sounds were on point, and seeing the creature emerge from the TV was just as terrifying as you'd expect.

I just wish there was more :D

Very Good Horror game

This game was hell incarnate, or something close. I could not finish it---I hated every single thing about this game. It left me feeling unsettled, uncomfortable, unclean, and unhappy. I feel like this game is cursed---like there is an untangible evil in it that no man or woman should ever have to face. Please dont play this game, or do---just be warned you might die, in 7 days.

Very scary for me. Good game!

is this a walkthrough horror game or do I have to survive something?

This is really good. Honestly, the only thing I didn't like about it were the footsteps. They kinda sounded like a bouncing ball but really, that was the only fault I found, which of course didn't take away from the experience. It was weird and disturbing, not really filled with random jump scares which I really liked. The quality of the meshes too, that was impressive. Stay safe and I wish you guys the best. :)

One of the scariest games I have played 

Goddamn scary nice game with really realistic environment


I really enjoyed this game it has a good horror build up it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.😨 Here's my playthrough: 

enjoy 😎👍

Second Game I played. I realized after recording where my objective was


This game came highly recommended by some friends... I wasn't disappointed! 

Made a gameplay video for fun 


Nice vid kang.The editing was hilarious.

This is one of the first videos I made when I started my journy down horror road and lemme tell you... ITS A BANGER



Yelling isn't entertaining or funny. 55 views for a reason.

Deleted 347 days ago
Deleted 347 days ago

After seeing your comments on others - Calling them "Fucking Pathetic" - your input is meaningless. I always welcome feedback and fully accept that some people dont like louder reactions in content. however there are larger channels like jackscepticeye who still thrive on that premise despite what people with differing opinions may feel or say. however this was just a blatant spout to be rude over the internet. As one of the first videos I made on my channel and it was/is one of my many learning curves I have ahead of me. I appreciate another perspective however your attack on the number of views is pointless.You have commented positive words on videos with no commentary and less views. Less views for channels with WAY more subs than me mind you. Maybe another perspective to have is that my content just doesn't mesh with your sense of entertainment, No issue you cant please everyone and i don't expect to. Thankfully I have continued to grow and learn each and every day. Going forward if you feel the need to critique someone do so with kindness. While the comment on my video wasnt as harsh, you were outright demeaning to others and add no value to their learning process. Good luck to you.

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