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Still waiting for Linger 2 !!!

Rrally, really enjoyed the story and playing this. When she slowly shambles towards you or when she's coming out of the TV, it's horrifying. Only thing I can note, is that when turning off all of the lights, it's less obvious of what is a light. 

Overall beautiful game, and I look forward to your other work. Love, love the ending.

I Can Literally Say One Of The Scariest Games I've Played!!!

I was in the middle of recording and it crashed /:


This game is TERRIFYING!!! It's been a while since I had almost a panic heart attack experience with it's thrilling and horrifying kind of gameplay. But surely you'll enjoy more experiencing it!!!

This game is true horror .. I haven't had hand sweats for awhile. If you want to experience a true horror thrill... then this game is for you.. BUT if you enjoy watching others suffer then I am here for you! ><

Go check out my playthrough of Linger! It's not as scary as some of the other psychological horror stuff out there, but definitely well worth a play through! 

What a brilliantly made game, gave me alot of jumpscares. Check out my video and subscribe if you enjoy!

Linger is still available here Downloading Linger - Game Jolt

It keeps crashing.

"Title is hosted on an incompatable third party website". Cool.

Loved this game from start to end. Huge props for creating this game. It truly scared me! Here's a walkthrough play. 

Saw the gameplay on one of the channels I binge. Game's dope. Simple yet entertaining and definitely scary. I'm definitely gonna try playing it when I get the chance. It's unreal *badumtss* that y'all made this in less than 5 days.


Hi, This game is on my channel and also the new Back 4 blood multiplayer beta! Hope you enjoy


Hi :) I've made a top 10 free horror games list and this game has made it to the 5th spot on this list !

Nice game!! ✌✌✌✌

Scary. I thought this was a great game.

why are the in game items look similar to the ones in thief simulator?

This game was scary af!! The atmosphere made this an intense experience. Check out the video I made on it, it's hilarious lmao

And here is my walkthrough with a strong Persian accent 😂😂

Hello Haunted People , New haunted video  just posted ! go check it out if you dare ! 

That’s terrible,But the girl kissed me in the end😂

Samara is that you?!

Well my nerves are shot after that. Excellent game. I hope you enjoy my playthrough. If you enjoy please take a look at my other videos. 

Muy buen y loco trabajo!! Dejo mi video en español ;)

hey ¡¡¡¡ espero que te encuentres muy bien , hice un gameplay de tu videojuego , ME ENCANTOOO ¡¡¡¡  tuve demasiado miedo , espero que te guste ,saludos desde buenos aires ¡¡¡¡¡ 

the girl reminds me of my dads book character in one of his horror books, the game looks amazing, I have no complaints, i will be most likely uploading my gameplay when i find it

This game was so sick!

here is my playthrough 

please make more games like this :)

p.s. I didnt find any bugs btw, game is great.

Did this game on a stream, and oh my! it was THE BEST. I really want to see more from you, cause wow it's scary AF but it doesn't have cheap jumpscares. Thanks for the experience! It's the 4th game and starts @ 1:15:00

make it a .zip file pleae it will help others!


Happy Father's Day everyone! This game exposed me for how dumb I am, but it was a fun one while it lasted. If you're more interested in watching than playing, you can watch my playthrough here:

The TV stuff is pretty creepy but I can't say that I was ever scared. I hope we see more horror games from BioXide because they've got an eye for scare setups, they just need some more experience with the execution of them. 

Thanks for making games!

Epic Game

I had alot of fun with it ! really unsettling 

stupid highschool blocked the page it takes you too to download or whatever

And this is my playthrough...🤣🤣

Fantastic game guys, I had a playthrough so take a look if you like :)

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